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Youth Forum Officials 2019-2020
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 Ross Isaac - Chairman
 Dylan Nutting - Vice Chairman
 Nia Jones - Secretary 
 Activities Officials 2019-2020

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Scott Humphreys - Chairman
Jamie Hughes - Vice Chairman
Eloisa Isaac - Secretary
Finance & Development Officials 2019-2020

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Lloyd Humphreys - Chairman
Charlotte Mountford - Vice Chairman
Katie Jones - Secretary 
Agri Officials 2019-2020

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Thomos Howells - Chairman
Fraser Jones - Vice Chairman
Elin Williams - Secretary 
International Officials 2019-2020

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Elin Lewis - Chairman
Jamie Hughes - Vice Chairman
Katie Jones - Secretary 

Board of Management

This committee is responsible for discussing the financial management and staffing of the organisation, as well as making recommendations to the Executive Committee on the strategic development of the county


Each club elects representatives to sit on the Executive Committee to put forward their views and their clubs at county level. Each year at the AGM of the Executive Committee, a chairman and vice chairman are elected to lead the federation at a county level. Co-opted members are also elected onto the committee, who provide support and expertise to the committee but do not necessarily have to be a member.

Finance and Development

This committee is responsible for watching the finances of the organisation, setting budgets for committees and encouraging people to look at grant opportunities as well as looking at how the county can develop

Activities Committee

Representatives on this committee are responsible for the social education programme of work (competitions). Feeding off the Activities Committee we have the Rally Committee and the Eisteddfod Committee. The county is split into 4 organising groups who rotate in turn to organise both events. It is the organising group's responsibility to organise and host the event.

Youth Forum

The Youth Forum Committee represents the views of all YFC members who are under the age of 18 and ensures the voice of younger members is heard at all levels. The forum also campaigns on a number of issues effecting young people as well as arranging events and activities


This committee is an informal group. This committee's aim is to link members with innovation, diversification and new regulations within the agricultural industry

To keep up to date with the latest meetings follow this link to Agri on Facebook.


This committee is responsible for organising overseas exchanges, trips overseas. Promoting travel within the country and promoting the overseas trips through Wales YFC and NFYFC.

To keep up to date with the latest meetings follow this link to International on Facebook.